28 de mar. de 2016


Dear friends,
A personal point of view on recent events in Brazil . trying to answer some friends ..
There is something serious occurring in Brazil.
Since last year an important investigation on corruption in financing political campaigns is happening. This investigation managed to put extremely powerful people, such as Marcelo Odebrecht, in jail.
But since the beginning it has being putting all its efforts on people closely related to PT, the workers party, in power since 2003. There are no saints in PT, but, in the last two weeks, this same investigation, with a great deal of help from Globo Media Corporation, has broken basic democratic and republican rules.
Their main goal is to put Lula, the ex-president, in jail and push Dilma Roussef, the current president, out of government.
In the last few days, Lula was forcefully taken to the judge in charge – Sergio Moro – to make his statements. But he has never refused to collaborate with the investigation. His testimony was taken at an airport with a plane from the police parked on it.
The worst case happened three days ago. Lula’s phone calls with Dilma Roussef were recorded and released on the same day to the media by the police. They contained no revelation at all, but the media has done all it could to produce more anger against both of them.
Huge protests in the whole country have been held in the last few days. Lots of people in the streets demanding Dilma's resignation and, yesterday, crowds in the streets saying "não vai ter golpe" – "There won’t be a coup."
Yes, there is something serious going on. The media, the opposition – mainly from the right wing - and a great part of the judiciary are breaking democratic rules to remove Dilma from government.
The matter now is not whether we like her, PT or Lula, but is one of respect for young Brazilian democracy.

20 de março

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